Bratislava + Dresden

Last weekend I was invited to Bratislava by my good mates DJ D3C! & DJ Australan + supporting Waka Flocka at his show in Dresden. 

On Friday, we rocked club Trafo! It was already quite busy around 12pm at the nicely decorated venue filled locals, international visitors and students. The old electricity facility is located in the old town where most of the visitors and nightlife is happening.

Before the club we had one of the best steaks I ever enjoyed at RioGrande, served on lava stone your meat will stay hot and juicy the whole time – yummy!

Travel notes: 

There are direct and cheap flights from Berlin SXF to Bratislava, mine was 20 EUR – no brainer. There is no train to the city but a cheap and easy bus transit (61). It is connecting the airport with the central train station (hlavná stanica). Although, now I would recommend to use an Uber to your final destination (approx. only 10 EUR to old town). I booked a very nice room at Bratislava VIP Apartments, yes the name sounds cheesy but the location and rooms are the best price-quality ratio I could imagine. From the apartment you can pretty much walk every location, lots of restaurants, bars and clubs in the old town. 

Next day we took the highway from Bratislava to Prague, continuing to Dresden. Watch how much fun we had on the road… 😀

In Dresden, we first kicked it with Flocka and the buddy DJ Bekz at Sneakerhelden store for a meet and greet.    

After the turned up concert, we had a great after show Juicy party w/ DJane Yo-C, D3C!, Waka Flocka & DJ Whoo Kid! The recap video is following soon…

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